About Us

In 2010, Ashok Niroula and Sabnam Adhikari started “Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions” with the aim of better-personalized service and quality care. Since then, Destination Unlimited is providing exceptional service to their clients that has transformed the way many view travel in Nepal. Destination Unlimited offer clients an array of services which include trekking, tours, peak climbing adventures, safaris and more.

With an experience of over 10 years, our company has made a mark on public relations and enjoys repeat customers on the regular. We have often been known in the market to provide quality service catering to the needs of each customer, because of this we even have facilities of enjoying activities such as bird watching, adventure sports, yoga retreats, rafting and more. Our objective through this company is to give you a personalized care and allow you to experience Nepal your way. The beauty of Nepal is such that each explorer can choose the kind of journey they want to engage in and it has now become our objective to deliver that to you.

Our years of experience in the business also translates to the confidence we show while executing our services, we usually rise up to a challenge and work to provide a surreal experience, one of such feats was when we took a 28 people group to Annapurna Base Camp for the ultimate exploration.

We also believe in fair play and want our clients to enjoy the many choices available in Nepal at a reasonable price, at the end of this journey we want them to take away valuable experience along with the satisfaction that they go more than their money's worth.  Traveling with us you get all of this and the chance to have a hassle-free travel where the logistics, safety & security are all cared for and in return, you get to experience professionalism, warm hospitality and the genuine charm of Nepal.

Join us for ultimate experience of Nepal!!