Peak Climbing

Climbing a monumental peak can be a life-changing experience, many tourists flock to Nepal in order to peak climb because of the range of diversity it offers in regards to the peaks that can be climbed.

In regards to the kind of peaks Nepal offers, the country along with its bigger monumental peaks such as Everest, Ama Dablam, Annapurna also includes smaller ranging mountains which are called trekking peaks, these peaks fall on the spectrum of 5587m to 6500m. Peak climbing in Nepal to these trekking peaks usually does not take any prior experience, granted the person needs to physically fit. The prevalence of these trekking peaks allows for any kind of traveler to try it, opening this experience to many tourists.

Certified professionals and supervisors usually assist your journey and help you along however before attempting these peaks it advised you get mentally and physically prepare yourself. As this is a climb you will be expected to use ice axes, use climbing boots, ropes and more. Peak climbing can be quite a strenuous activity hence our trained staff who have climbed these peaks multiple times will be there to assist you, they are registered under Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and have years of experience behind them.

Some of the more popular peaks clients enjoy include Pisang, Dhampus, Lobuche East, Yala Peak and more. A common misconception about peak climbing is that you need to extremely fit to attempt them, however in Nepal with a prevalence of many of these smaller peaks to enjoy anyone with good physical fitness and determination can enjoy them.