Manaslu Trekking

Located in the west-central part of Nepal Manaslu region is fairly few to the trekking industry. The area was opened for exploration fairly recently. This region is ideal for people who want to choose a less crowded off-beat path of exploration. Named after the eighth highest mountain in the world Manaslu stands tall at the height of 8,156m, this area of Manaslu has been declared a conservation zone in 1998 by the government.

There are plentiful things you can do in this area, starting off with Manaslu circuit trek which opened to the public only in 1991. The trek takes travelers to Tibet hence requires the special permit for exploration. This trek goes around the massive Mt. Manaslu and in the process, trekkers come in contact with lush green forestry and exotic wildlife. This place holds deep-rooted prehistoric culture often influenced by Tibetan culture.  The trek to this begins from Gorkha bazaar, Gorkha, where the bazaar is located, holds one of the most historic past, this where the first United king of Nepal Prithivi Narayan Shah started his reign. This trek is for any kind of traveler but tends to get a little difficult after the Larkya La pass from where there is an incline in the route.

For those that prefer exploration to lower altitude areas, this place offers that option as well. Lower Manaslu treks will allow for travelers to enjoy the moderate amount of trekking along with discovering world heritage site and the plethora of culture and rich history, a vast majority of this trek will focus on an exploration of the Gorkha village which is lathered with past precedence, historic wars. An array of villages each such as Barpak and Laprak each with its own unique characteristic can also be experienced.

In conclusion, the Manaslu region delivers versatility that many travelers crave, this is also ideal for any individual who would like to explore path are rare and offbeat.