Terms and Conditions

Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions is the autonomous trekking company of Nepal. We mainly focus on service and satisfaction of our regular and seasonal customers. For the assistance of our customers we also deal ticketing, hotel booking including trekking, tour and expedition. While making trekking or other activities in Nepal with us, the visitors need to book their pass for their activities in prior as follow.

Booking deposit payment 60 days before the departure date. The fee will differ according to the activities.

While making or booking any such things, the trekkers need to confirm their trip by providing a photocopy of the passport and 20% payment of the total price of the advance tickets and hotel booking and permit passes.

You can use any types of money transfer to transfer the money according to your convenience. The bank charges will be paid by the user himself/herself.

We will only carry out our activities after receiving the passport’s photocopy and 20% advance from the visitors.

The remaining balance can be paid after the departure. If full amount is not paid in time, the reservation will be cancelled itself.

The last minute booking is done only before 15 days of the departure.

Travel insurance and other according to the requirement is a must thing for any trekkers before going to trekking. The payment of insurance premium will be charged to your fees.

In case of cancellation, the cancellation will be valid only after the written email and or any other written letters. Trip will be cancelled after receiving the letter and 20% amount will be deducted from the advance paid income.