Acquire essential guidance to make trekking in Himalaya

Trekking gives ideal choice for tourists to visit striking and good-looking tourist’s spots in Everest.  Make trek in the Himalayan region people must have to choose travel agents to get better guidance.  We are one of the leading travel agents to offer best trekking package to the tourists.  We provide tips to tourists to explore attractive places in the Himalaya. Tourists acquire beautiful views of mountains in the trekking. Mardi Himal Trek offers iconic mountain views to the travelers.  We are well experienced in the field to give better guidance to trekkers.  Our experts offer all essential details of the trekking to participants before hosting the trip.

Explore striking spots:

 Still, we are offering excellent support to trekkers on hosting adventure in the Nepal region. You can visit all the places on the trek through flights. You take breakfast on the Kathmandu location. Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek is most admired trekking area in Nepal. It is separate from Tibet and Nepal.  It is influenced by the Buddhism culture.   We make trekking in most traditional paths in the region. It discovers various tourists’ attractions like passes, deep gorges, hamlets, gompas, chortens, mani walls and fabulous mountains.   It is a beautiful tourist place for family, friends, and couples. It gives surprising spots to the trekkers.  We provide guidance to trekkers to travel on the exact path.

In the trek, you see majestic surrounding of Himal ranges. We offer trekking for several days with an affordable travel package.  We make you pass through on the airplane to see the closet view of mountains peaks. If you want to get more details of trekking just contact our experts and obtain the best guidance.  We also help you to plan trekking for specific days on your limited budget.


 We offer the best accommodation to all tourists on their limited budget.   On the trekking, you will be accommodated in a hotel in Kathmandu location and rooms offered with guest house and lodge.  In addition, we arrange a tent if needed on the trekking. From us, you stay with comfortable rooms that depend on enforceable conditions.  We offer accommodations according to a tent on the twin share.   You acquire a single supplement to stay with all basic facilities. You spend less charge on booking rooms on the best hotel in the destination.  We include accommodation on the trip cost. From us, you might acquire all similar service on the trekking.