Everest base camp trek in October

Highlights of the trek

  • You’ll begin with sightseeing of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal

  • October is the season of festivals in Nepal. So, you may experience cultural celebrations

  • An adventurous, yet beautiful flight to the Lukla airport

  • Eye-catching scenic views of the beautiful Himalayas and surrounding landscapes.

  • Immersing into culture and traditions of red-cheeked Sherpas

  • Visit famous Buddhist monasteries like Tengboche and Pangboche Monastery

  • Hiking to Kala Patthar-5,643 m (the perfect viewpoint of Mt Everest)

  • Remarkable panoramic view of the entire Mount Everest

  • Walkthrough a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site(Sagarmatha National Park)

  • Visit the footstep of the Mt Everest, world’s tallest mountain

  • Witnessing the beauty of tough mountain trails, waterfalls, and swift-flowing rivers


Everest base camp trek is the stunning trek and much popular around the globe. Mostly the trekker who is passionate ot challenge yourself in life then Eveest is th4e dream for them to trek. It is also a milestone to trek to the historically bounded footsteps of the climbers around the world. This world’s massive highest peak lies at an altitude of 8,848m above sea level.  If you are one of the determine trekker then the month of October is more favorable to trek in this region. You wit get to witness the brilliance of the Himalayas in the Everest region of a country.

The month of October in Nepal comes with a lot of joys, happiness to the people. Talking about this season in the country, it brings some rain and this is a wonderful climate ti roam the surrounding. This month starts after the heavy natural rainfall and wetness of the land. This weather brings you a bit of fresh breathtaking air for the visitors who come to Nepal for the activities of trekking.

This is one of the super exquisite months for the snowing in the Mountain with a lot of blue clear skies,  majestic environment, in the time of October in Nepal. Even we need to face some rainfall on the trail to the Everest base camp. You don’t need to worry if there are constant weather changes in different destinations of the country.

In the trekking destination, it will also offer visitors or trekkers an amazing picturesque view of the natural environment. This is what you can experience in this region as trekkers from different parts of the world. The lush green vegetation, deep blue sky, crisp view of Himalayas and also a soft air of wind that explains the wonderful brilliance in the Everest base camp in the month of October.

Reasons behind Everest base camp trek in October


The world’s highest region of the country always possible to make it throughout the year. October is the month for trekking that has its own perks.


The perfect month for trekking


The best thing about doing a trek in this region in the month of October is one and only due to the condition of pleasant weather. During an afternoon get should trek under the deep blue skies with pleasant and warm weather. Unlike the midnight of the winter season, it looks somehow cold in the Everest region in October. There is the main thing that you should always need to be more sensitive is you don’t need to bring a lot of heavy and thick clothing and neither a rain covering gear while trekking.

On the other hand, this month is completely dry and very fewer chances of raining or snow falling in the Everest base camp trek. You also don’t need to be more stressful and worry about the condition of the trekking trail assuming that insects, slippery routes and also the unbearable levels of temperature during this month. \

Season of Festivals


Nepal celebrates the festivals of Dashain is the biggest festival. This festival is especially more important for the Hindus but at the same, the other religions also celebrate at enjoy in harmony.  This is the most attractive message to the world that each and every religion but stays within harmony. This is the festival fall in the month of October. It is the vacation time for the Nepalese to celebrate and meet their relatives to exchange joys and happiness among them. This time will offer the most delicious food for the tourists and also get a bit different experience moe than they ex[ected. In the same way, Tushar is the celebration in the same month as it is also the festival of lights. This is the best and super luxurious time for travelers to trek in the Everest region by experiencing the fest mood of the people at the same time.

The views


As you come to explore the Everest region of Nepal to overlook the magnificent scenery of Everest. In the same way October is the main season for the tourist to get a chance to see the crystal clear views of the globe tallest mountain in Nepal. 

As Autumn comes in Nepal after the Moonsoon season. The slight rain of atmosphere taht brings us with the fresh surrounding and clear skies. There may be also less humid in the boundary of the environment that also offers us to the sharpest Himalayan and whatever in the hills of Himalayas. Thee is the most dynamic this that you need to use the alluring views of many things around you that can be surrounding g view.

Natural plantation i,e Flora and fauna. 


 AT this duration of time of October in the Everest region of a country you get to see the extraordinary things during this time.  Due to the monsoon rain in this country at this season the quite warm sunlight of autumn, the variations of flora and fauna that comes and takes the life a new beauty and charm in all. 

In the lower part of this region there you may see the various fields will paddle millet etc are grown. This cross is mostly grown by the locals from the past time in Nepal. As you are already in the world exotic trekking route then you will be walking through the lush green jungles, Rhododendron forests, diverse pasture, oaks and so on. 

. Youn needs to go through the green lush forests. The entire trekking trail in Nepal that goes through the vegetation of alpine. This thing can be seen more and more in the different places of the country. 


Smiles and Greetings


As October has moderate temperatures with the pleasant surrounding many tourists prefer to trek in this month. So, during your October trek, you do not have to trek alone. You will find many national and international tourists on the trail. The fellow trekkers greet you with a smile and ‘Namaste!’ along the trail.

Please do note that the weather conditions in the mountains are not stable at any time of the year. Due to the change in wind pattern and clouds, the temperature and weather conditions may change every hour. When you prepare for the trek, you should take this into consideration.


Difficulties in Everest Base Camp Trek in October


The Everest region is in its best form in October. So, many trekkers choose for an October trek. But along with the fun and pleasures of walking on the October trails to Everest there comes few challenges as well. Some difficulties that you may face along the trail in October are:

Altitude Sickness


Everest Base Camp trek is a high altitude trek in the Everest region. On this trek, you will start from as low as 1440 meters in Kathmandu and ascend to the largest height at 5545 meters at Kala Patthar. So, many trekkers feel the symptoms of altitude sickness while ascending to the trails of the Khumbu region.

Despite the season of your trekking, you will feel the symptoms of the sickness any time of the year. So, you have high chances of getting altitude sickness even in October if you do not take proper care of yourself.

To minimize the risk you should always walk on your pace and keep on drinking water throughout your trek. Plus, it is wise to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the trek as it causes dehydration. Dehydration can increase the risk of altitude sickness.

Trekking Route Difficulty


In October, there are least chances of rainfall or snowfall. So, the trekking route is less difficult than in Winter and Monsoon months. You do not have to walk in slippery or snow-covered trails. In other months like in monsoon and winter walking in the rugged terrains covered in snow or wet mud get challenging at times.

But in October, you get to walk in bearable temperatures in the dry trails of the Everest region at this time.


Difficulty in Finding Accommodation


There are many teahouses in the Everest region for your food and accommodation. But October is the peak time, these teahouses get easily occupied due to the inflow of many trekkers.

You may sometimes have to adjust in a room with fellow trekkers due to a limited number of rooms and services in the teahouses.  So, it is a good idea to make bookings beforehand for accommodations. Sometimes you may have to sleep in the dining room if you have not made advanced bookings.