Trekking Equipment

1. Water Proof wind proof good quality jacket ( Layer jacket would be great)
2. Trekking Poles (Recommended)
3. Down Jacket recommended but if you don’t have then Layer jacket would be enough.
4. Water bottle - minimum half liter to 1 liter, aluminum or Nalgene polypropylene are best
5. Ankle support good and comfortable trekking shoes (water Proof)
6. Socks ( Warm and good quality which for trekking)
7. Slipper or sandals for morning/evening wear
8. Lightweight wool sweater
9. Fleece jacket or down jacket if more cold ( If down jacket needed will provide by rental)
10. Warm sleeping bag ( Provided by your company) if you have better one then bring it. Liner recommended( Please buy the liner)
11. Lip balm
12. Personal First Aid Kit
13. T-shirts  Quick dry T-shirts Recommended
14. Shirt - long-sleeved                    
15. Pants: lightweight long trousers (jeans are unsuitable)
16. Sun Hats/ and warm hats( Woolen one or different international quality)
17. Gloves - wool or fleece ( Winter time good quality recommended)
18. Scarf
19. Thermol Underwear
21. Sarong - a multitude of uses
22. Sunglasses ( Good Quality)
23. Sun cream
24. Bag liners - large, dust proof your duffle bag.
25. Money belt
26. Toiletries
27. Towel
28. Torch/flashlight - headlamp style is ideal
29. Lighter - for burning toilet paper and rubbish

Note: Confused about trekking equipment kindly ask us directly +977 9851142522 (Whatsapp)

        What we provide

  1. Warm Sleeping Bags
  2. Duffle bag 
  3. Limited Trekking poles but on request we can provide
  4. Down jacket we can help by tental services ( Need to pay per day 1$ to 1.5$)