10 Things to do during Everest base camp trek

1. Island peak climbing

Island peak climbing with Everest base camp trek is the fantastic experience of the beautiful Himalayas in mountainous country Nepal. This is obviously designed for the capable, energetic and physically strong trekkers. Not only that for this kind of climbing programs the climbers must be somehow how little bit experience in the related mountain expedition field. Island of about 6,189 m is one of the highest peaks in the Everest region of Nepal with the impressive and highly glaciated west face that will also rise from the place or the main destination called Lhoste Glacier. Being as one of the best and amazing trekking peaks with a short time and very few technological manpower this kinds of programs of island peak climbing is not an as difficult undertaking for the beginner one or a climber who will have real desire to enter inside the incredible world of the peak climbing. Hundreds and thousands of climber and traveler visit Nepal every single year to get the entry permit for the island peak climbing It will lead you to the Khumbu region which also called the heartland of Sherpa culture and diversity

Islands peak climbing including Everest base camp is a type of adventure activities that also combines two very dramatic aspects in the trekking to the base camp in the lap of the Mount Everest for going to the peak climbing. It really suits for that traveler or the visitors who wanted to experience the most thrilling adventure than that other type of simple trekking activities. It is completely different than the regular walk or trekking to any kind of place because it is more risky and dangerous if we are failed to follow some tips of preplanned ideas. This peak climbs takes the traveler to the best region of the Khumbu region of the Everest region in Nepal and it is also in cooperation with the different kinds of highlights. The best and awesome packages can be taken or can be purchased from different trekking or travel agencies in Nepal. Be ready for the most amazing and thrilling experience you will ever get in another part of the world.

2. Experience the Spirituality


Everest region trek is, of course, a different and awesome trek among other regions of a country. Either you may not be a very sensible and spiritual person. After visiting the Everest region of a country you will feel the spiritual nature and behavior of the local people during the trek. In the same way, you also feel a peaceful satisfaction while passing throughout the path festooned with fluttering the prayer flags of Buddhist monks or a religion. You can even see the Maniu walls of it is also said a sprayer inscribed wall in the Everest region of a country. Here you will get to know about the Tengboche monastery which is the source of spiritualism and people following in the Everest region. You may be hearing the Chanting prayers by the Minks during your trekking. This will definitely be forced by your soul to appreciated as a fascinating insight into a Buddhists culture and spirituality in Nepal.

 3. Taste of a Sherpa Cusine

The Cusine made by the Sherpa in the various region of Everest is coming under the delicacy in Nepal. The sherpa Cusine is also eaten in the lower region of a country. As we can see abundant in the mountain regions including cuisine that also celebrated with various types of food species prepared locally and also can be available barley, potatoes, and buckwheat. Dumpling and Momo are also related to a famous Cusine in the region of Everest. This is created with a delicious and warm delicacy after walking for a long day while walking in the region. 


4. Prayer at Tengboche Monastery

After making about 1300feet ascent in the Everest region along with this you can reach the beautiful hilltop that also stands the colorful Monastery of Tengboche. This is the place where you can get the most stunning Himalayas in the Everest Region of the country near Tengboche Monastery. Tengboche Monastery is also regarded as a spiritual place for the visitors who really seeking spiritualism, Then you can recommend this place for those people in this region of a country. The place is also important for the meditation for the tourist. This safe and comfort zone for you and can chillout form such activities in this region of a country. We can even feel the enchanting sounds and prayers of the monks while going up to the Everest region. As the Buddhists and Tibeyian Buddhism people deliberately admire this monastery for their religious activities. This could be another different experience for knowing such a monastery in an altitude region.

You can even interact with people about their culture and its, meaning with higher importance among such religious people in the Tengboche Monastery region.  


5. Exploring Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazzar itself the most awaited place in the Everest region of a country. This is the cultural and religious place including an economic hub in the Khumbu region. The Namche Bazaar with variations of a colorful panoply of the houses, lodges, restaurants, ATMs, bakeries, and Shops. The narrow path or a street in the region of Everest in Namche Bazaar that shared between the Monks, the locals, monks, and sherpa traders. It also offers a new form of discovery inside each and every corner of a country from the bakeries, and monasteries to the fascinating museums.

While you are traveling in the Namche Bazaar where you can also take short strolls bounded around the town, or you can aslo go to the shop of the unique mountainside of Tibeyian products, or as you can also buy a trekking gears here in this place. If you are really interested in shopping then it is also better to do the shopping and exploring in the Khumbu area of Namche.


6. Lodge-to-lodge trekking experience

In the Lodge to Lodge trek, you can also see the various variety of people and various aspects in the Khumbu region. The trekking to the Tea house helps to offers a good combintaion of many tbings yet the comfort of accommodation. Relaxing within a social atmosphere during the time of the entire trekking in Nepal. You will be served a warm breakfast in a cozy room during chanting and sharing your own feel experience and you can help others during trekking at the same time. It will help us to take away our negative exhaustion for long daily walks in the trek.
During the trek, many of the porters and guides are interested in playing card games and make laughter. This is happening when you rest in the evening in the Everest region.


7. The Trail

This is the most interesting thing after reaching to the Base camp of Everest. There will be more excitement reaching the designed destination walking on the historical centuries-old path trodden with the great adventures is out to the world. The trekking path is also regarded as the most delicate trail undoubtedly in the world. The traversing beautiful hamlets, wonderful monasteries, cultivated fields and landscapes along with the prayer flags that are being festooned in the trail. This may be the most amazing journey as a lifetime experience in the Everest region of a country. After seeing the snow-covered mountain behind you you will get heartfelt happiness. 


8. Serene Himalayan Lakes

A short extension in the base camp in the Everest region trek will lead the trekkers to the magnificent region of Gokyo.  This is the region where you can witness the many glaciers and impressive altitude lakes in this region of a country. This region is fully surrounded by the many Himalayas, some of the most important areas Lhoste, Mount Everest world highest mountain, Nuptse, Ama Dablam and in the same way, you can see the impressive altitude lakes. This will really take you to the level of awesomeness while trekking in the Khumbu region of a country. You will surely don’t get forgotten about the trekking destination for a long period of time.  

9. Reaching Everest Base Camp

When you reach the Everest base camp you will get many purposes to do around there. You will be a wonder to see the huge glowing and sparkling mountain at the same time. The atmosphere in the altitude of Everest base camp is lit for of colorful tent with stories of passion and adventure of the trekkers who eagerly want to be at the top of the world. Th most amazing time that you are going to spend in the base camp of Everest is an awe-inspiring moment in your entire trip. 

10. Stopping to enjoy the environment

Everest is also known as a Khumbu, which is regarded as the local name given by the local of Everest region. This region has never failed us to give glory and leaves that are carving for the various magnificent splendor. The beautiful mountain, excellent landscape, glaciers, colorful villages, numbers of peaks. You will not find such a place on the planet where you can get to witness the thousands of things in a single place in your lifetime.