5 Things To Do In Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital of the beautiful country Nepal. This is the home of the tallest mountain in the world that is Mount Everest. Not only this all total Nepal has 14th tallest mountain in the world. As all the global village know that Nepal is the most glamorous and distinct destination for hiking, trekking in the world. This region is also known for the culture, human civilization, diversity of the natural ecosystem on the planet. This region of Nepal is divided into three regions Hilly Himalayan and Terai. The capital of Nepal i.e Kathmandu is located in the hilly region of a country. 

The breathtaking beauty of the thousands of streams, waterfalls, deepest gorges makes the world think about this beautiful place. This country is the dream for hundreds of motion in this 21st century to get a lifetime experience in life. Some of them are Deepest valleys, Gorgeous and wild landscapes, flora and fauna, breathtaking Himalayan lakes, tallest mountains. So you may be wondering “what is actually Kathmandu famous for?

As you come to Nepal your first footstep will be in the Kathmandu at Tribhuwan International Airport. As you already get the free adventurous services at landing. It means you may see the massive mountain landscapes, lush green jungles form the window of Aeroplane. As many of the people are saying Kathmandu has nothing to do with tourists. But as my view, Kathmandu is one and the only destination where you can see the burst of color heritage, ethnicity, dynamic culture, the spirituality of [people love, respect, caring and passion in them. As you have already wish to visit Kathmandu then it is your dream come true things that we will try to give you a service as we can. So we are going to talk about some 5 destinations that you should visit during your trip to Nepal. 


1. Visit Palaces or Durbar squares

Thee are many palaces or Durbar squares in Kathmandu. Those of the durbar squares are normally constructed at the early time of the 3rd centurary. This valley of Kathamndu host almost three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are Kathmandu Durbar square, Bhaktapur Durbar square, Patan Durbar square. The durbar square of Kathmandu’s ancient old city is set around a mid-valley of Kathmandu at the Basantapur. This lies in the south direction of the south of Thamel. In this place, royal bodies exist around the time of 19th centurary. This durbar ids one of the lost prominent Durbar out of three in Nepal. 


These places are seen as beautifully decorated with elaborately-carved wooden windows pannels. There are houses of King Tribhuwan Memorial Museum and Mahendra Museum in Nepal. This is taken as an excellent story of history culture, role of tradition with the purest form of architecture in the durbar squares in Kathmandu. 

It is sad to say that we have hit by the massive earthquake in 2015. This is a fact that we have gone through a long pain of the destruction of thousands of monuments but we are not even scared of that. It is because we have calmness to rise again. In the same way, we \have clearly rise at this time in the context of the pain of people. As the low level of construction made us weak sometimes, low maintenance on ongoing construction made some disturbance for the tourists. It will automatically hesitate tourists to pay the amount of ticket perfectly dure to the above condition. 


2. Visit Pashupatinath Temple


Pashupatinath is the powerful temple in the world in terms of the Hindu religion in Nepal. Thousands of visitors each day come to Pasupatinatinath. Most of them are Nepalese visitors and Indian prayers. This is a sacred place located in Kathmandu. It is sacred because the Pashupatinath Temple is associated with the Shiva the destroyer god. He is also the lord of animals in the world.  It is at the bank of the holy river Bagmati. It holds the hundreds and thousands of shrine of other Hindu gods around the world. It is also built for the purposes of the deity of Lord Pashupatinath.

In Nepal, the god shiva is regarded as the deity and also helps to draw the attention of millions of followers of devotees form from the neighboring country India. Along with the Shadu and Satnu, they are loved by this place, whereas the naked collection of painted sadhus visits Pashupatinath in the time of the big festival in Pashupatinath. It is the birthday of Lord Shiva, the Maha Shivaratri.

If you are in Nepal and want to know more about Pashupatinath then the best time to visits the Temple around 7amd to 10 am seeing to the cremations. Each and every Hindu people are a corpse that is cremated with a higher intensity of Hindu rituals in this place. In the same way, visit Pashupatinath at the Evening to chill out and enjoy with many people during Aarati in this temple at the bank of the Bagmati river. This is also known for the Firew works for worshipping the god. 


3. Explore Kastamandap Temple

Kasta Mandap is the most fascinating wooden made temple in Kathmandu Nepal. We can literally feel the translating wood that is covered shelter of Kastha is associated with wood, Inthe same way Mandap is the Pavilion. Kasthamandap is also originated with a three-storied public shelter which is included with a nature of shrine and consecrated to the place of Gorakhnath. It is situated at Markhu in the valley of Kathmandu. The most essential beautiful monuments are man]de by the hand of hundreds of workers along many centuries ago.

The building is constructed and preserved with a relic from the Nepalese ancient history in Nepal. It is also a testament to its hundreds of centuries-old accordingly in an architectural style. After the massive earthquake in 2015 in Nepal, the newly discovered objects shows that it is constructed around the 7th century in Kathmandu.

This is the main point that clarifies the Temple of Kasthamandap is regarded as the most striking and oldest buildings in a country. Many talented and experienced worker labor hard to create massive construction which is the beauty of this century possible due to the hard work the people in Nepal. The legends of the centuries built this construction using the help of a single nail or a rivet with the help of a single sal tree and timber tree.

This is the thing that you will definitely help to know about the small history of a place. The interest and living style of people also can be known with the help of a Kastamandap temple in Kathmandu. You don’t even need to worried about visiting this place because the community people will help to access this place easily.

4. Visit Durbar Marg 

Durbar Marg is located in Kathmandu and this is also known for the King’s street. It is the opposite of the Narayanhitti palace Museum in Kathmandu. Thus the place is mostly clean and fresh compared with the other place in valley. The museum of a place that is formerly the palace in the last monarch in Nepal. In the context of tourism this place is the most interesting place for national and international tourists to visit Nepal.

Now, Durbar marg adds value in the city with a lot of accuracy in the economy in Nepal. Durbar Marg is more a modern street in the valley that also help to fascinates the international clothing brand and footwear brands, restaurants, boutiques hotel gallery, clothing store, commercial centers, and 5-star hotels. The best thing about this place is a bars and clubs, offices, banks’ art galleries and decor to restaurants. This place is loved by, any people in Nepal because of this place si associated with the luxury. This place is special for chilling out with fro]ineds. Normally people from the middle-class level have not that much accessible during the visit. Here we can meet many celebrities who you admire most. This place is also known for the celebrities chilling out with their fans and admirer.

5. Explore Swayambhunath Temple

Swayambhunath temple is the most attractive temple located at the hill of Kathmandu. It is also the most famous Buddhists temple for the Buddhists and Hindu religion in a country. It is an ancient and religious stupa that flows the religious people throughout the world every year in a country. It is also said in the history of Buddhism in Nepal that this temple is built around the 5th centurary in Nepal. The Soyambhunath Temple occupies the land of central position and it is probably a sacred place of Buddhists pilgrimages sites in Nepal. It is also a holy destination for most of the Tibetian Buddhism, and in the same way, it’s also second Buddhannath stupa that is also enlisted by the UNESCO world heritage site in Nepal. 

The most interesting thing about this place is the monkey, people,e are easy aiming a communication with that money during the visit. It is also recommended not to play with those of a Monkey during your visit. It is dangerous because it can bite you and also attack you anytime.